Faith In Finance & Finance In Faith

How to reconcile finance with faith

Edward Ng H. K.

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Faith and finance – are they compatible or should they be kept separate? Can finance be understood and be incorporated as an integral component in building our faith?

With clarity and warmth, Dr Edward Ng writes with conviction providing sound advice on the wise handling of finance for the individual, and for church leaders who have to instruct and counsel on this aspect in the Christian community.

He shows us how to avoid pitfalls at both the individual and corporate level by equipping us with the fundamental understanding of income, consumption, savings, borrowing, investment, insurance, personal financial planning, and corporate budgeting, cash flow planning as well as governance. You will appreciate the guidelines he has set out to ensure good finance governance for churches and Christian organizations.

Dr Ng has given us much-needed practical tool with spiritual insights to help us work out financial dealings in personal and in corporate faith.