Unshakable Truth, The

How You Can Experience The 12 Essentials Of A Relevant Faith

Josh & Sean McDowell

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The Unshakable Truth is uniquely positioned for younger Christians because it presents apologetics relationally, focusing on how Christianity’s doctrines affect relationships. The authors unpack 12 biblical truths that define the core of Christian belief, helping you discover:

  • the foundational truths about God, his Word, sin, Christ, the Trinity, the church, and six more that form the bedrock of Christian faith
  • compelling evidence to support these truths
  • how each truth provides relevant answers to the world’s most difficult problems and gives a sense of joy and meaning to every true believer
  • how you can live out these truths in relationship with God and others
  • ways to pass each truth on to your family and the world around you

Biblically grounded, spiritually deep, theologically extensive, and packed with practical examples and real-life stories, The Unshakable Truth is a resource applicable to every aspect of everyday life…a resource you’ll turn to again and again.