Experiencing The Father’s Embrace

David Eckman

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This booklet explores how growth in the Christian life is directly related to how well we respond to God as a Father. Obstacles to growth often arise from one’s family background. The solution is to participate in God’s family so as to experience an emotionally rich sense of being loved and to have a correspondingly deep response of gratitude. David Eckman paints for you vivid, biblical mental pictures of God’s love. His gentle insights and questions will guide your heart through a personal and refreshing journey into the Father’s embrace.

Dr. David Eckman has authored several books and seminars on spiritual life and is the co-founder of BWGI Ministries, a non-profit organization dedicated to introducing people to God’s loyal love. His biblical scholarship is combined with 30 years of experience as pastor, counselor, teacher and conference speaker, with a distinctly biblical and practical approach to everyday life.