Jesus Is Alive!

Evidence for the Resurrection for kids

Josh & Sean McDowell

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This is Evidence for the Resurrection for kids, set in a kid-friendly Q&A format, which helps them to discover the proof of Christ’s resurrection and what it means for them today.

Jesus’ followers believed that he was the person God promised to send who would free them from the Romans, the cruel invaders who had taken over their land. So when the Romans sentenced Jesus to die on a cross, his followers’ hopes were crushed. How could Jesus free them if he was dead? But his death wasn’t the end of the story . . .

Because people don’t normally come back to life, it might be tempting to believe that it has never happened. But now you can see the proof for yourself! Find out why hundreds of millions of Christians since the time of Jesus have been convinced that he died and then rose again. And find out how this truth can completely transform your life forever.