Becoming Who God Intended

How do you see yourself? How do you see God?

David Eckman

Price: S$16.05

Whether you realize it or not, your imagination is filled with pictures of reality. The Bible indicates these pictures reveal your true “heart beliefs” — the beliefs that actually shape your everyday feelings and reactions to other people, to life’s circumstances, and to God.

Maybe You’re Getting the Wrong Picture…

Perhaps you’re struggling with anxiety, guilt, or habitual sins, frustrated because your experience doesn’t seems to match what the Bible talks about, wondering if your emotions and feelings fit into the Christian life at all. If so, you may be working from the wrong set of pictures. Becoming Who God Intended shows you how you can allow God’s Spirit to build new, biblical pictures in your heart and imagination.

God has a Great New Picture for You!

Getting the true pictures in your mind — grasping reality from God’s perspective — will help to bring your thoughts and emotions under control. It will lead you to a life filled with the positive emotions of love, joy, and peace. And you will finally be able to live out the richness of true Christianity… the life God the Father has always intended for you.