True To His Word

The Story Of Bible Study Fellowship

Gregg and Deborah Shaw Lewis

Price: S$33.10

This compelling story history of Bible Study Fellowship (BSF) begins more like an ending when an unknown, single, middle-aged, British woman missionary, left China. Grieving the heart-breaking conclusion of what she believed was her life-long calling, Wetherell Johnson’s journey home to England collided with a Divine appointment when five California women asked her to teach them more about the Bible.

She said “YES” and that Bible study with five women grew into an organization which exploded into a movement that now ministers to hundreds of thousands of students every week and has impacted the lives of millions of people in countries around the world including the People’s Republic of China. Told through a big family photo album pasted together and held in place with a fascinating narrative thread, God’s faithfulness through His plans, will touch your heart and renew your passion for His Word.

“If life doesn’t seem to work for you or to make sense; if you yearn for a vibrant faith that will carry you through hard times; if your religion has failed to satisfy your longing for a relation with God . . . then get into Bible Study Fellowship and find answers.”
— Anne Graham Lotz, author of The Magnificent Obsession