Prayer: Your Own Letter To God

A practical guide inspired by the major motion picture Letters To God

André K Dugger

Price: S$19.80

Inspired by the major motion picture Letters to God, this insight-filled guide offers Christians creative, practical advice on how to strengthen their relationship with God. Writing their own letters to God, readers of all ages—both newcomers to faith and lifelong prayer warriors—will develop and strengthen their prayer lives.

Hands-on strategies and exercises, featured at the end of each chapter, ensure this book will be used and studied over and over again. Readers will rely on it not only for help in writing to God daily, but also for:

  • Clear, concise descriptions of prayer
  • Guidance on how to pray
  • Thoughts on for whom and for what to pray
  • Insight into why to pray and when to pray

Written by the real-life pastor of the young boy portrayed in the movie, this book is a practical primer for prayer that will build on the powerful message of the film as it inspires believers for years to come.