Fun-Filled Parenting

A guide to laughing more and yelling less

Silvana Clark

Price: S$16.05

Most of us have been told at one time or another that children are a gift from God. We all enjoy gifts, so why do we forget to enjoy our children? There’s more to raising kids than making sure they clean their room and eat a healthy diet . . . there’s nothing wrong with a spontaneous pillow fight or even a burping contest! Of course, there’s no guarantee that your children will be transformed into angels after a single game of UNO, but the odds are in your favor that discipline problems will diminish in direct proportion to the amount of time you and your kids spend doing things together.

Don’t feel overwhelmed, thinking that you need to develop a nightly comedy routine or wear a clown outfit to entertain your offspring—each chapter in Fun-Filled Parenting has a gradual, month-long approach to making positive changes in your home. Fun expert Silvana Clark shows you how to turn meals, devotions, homework time, chores, vacations and other obvious and not-so-obvious family times into moments of warmth, trust, creativity and, most of all, fun!