Adventures In The Prophetic

James Goll, Michal Ann Goll, Mickey Robinson, Patricia King, Jeff Jansen & Ryan Wyatt

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Venturing in the prophetic realm is an exciting adventure that changes your life and the lives of others. A team of well-known prophets share their insights and experiences. Inspiring topics include:

  • Power and perils of the prophetic by James W. Goll
  • Receiving and responding to prophetic ministry by Mickey Robinson
  • The prophetic and justice by Patricia King
  • The prophetic and the realm of glory by Jeff Jansen
  • Prophetic intercession by Michal Ann Goll
  • Earthing the prophetic, bringing Heaven to Earth by Ryan Wyatt

God wants to use prophetic means to bring Jesus into reality in your life today. You are about to discover the tangible power of the prophetic realm.



Preface: Cultivating an Adventure Steak

Part 1: Armed for Todays Adventures in the Prophetic
Chapter 1: Power of the Prophetic by James W. Goll
Chapter 2: Perils of the Prophetic by James W. Goll
Chapter 3: Encouragement: Imparting Spiritual Bravery by Mickey Robinson
Chapter 4: Receiving and Responding to Prophetic Ministry by Mickey Robinson

Part 2: Relevant Demonstrations of the Prophetic Today
Chapter 5: The Prophetic and Justice by Patricia King
Chapter 6: The Prophetic and the Realm of Glory by Jeff Jansen
Chapter 7: Prophetic Intercession by Michal Ann Goll

Part 3: Purposes of the Prophetic Today
Chapter 8: Earthing the Prophetic, Bringing Heaven to Earth by Ryan Wyatt
Chapter 9: Prophetic Strategy in Spiritual Warfare by Mickey Robinson
Chapter 10: Nets for the Harvest by James W. Goll
Epilogue: Prophetic Diversity by James W. Goll