I Believe In Miracles

Streams of Healing From the Heart of a Woman of Faith

Kathryn Kuhlman

Price: S$24.10

“He touched me and made me whole” That was Kuhlman’s theme song. That was her life. She believed in miracles, and this belief, so strong and sincere, enabled thousands to take hold of God’s power for their lives.

God is still in the healing business.
In this book, you will meet twenty-one ordinary people who hoped for a special touch from God. Under the divine anointing of Kathryn Kuhlman, their prayers were answered.

  • Your faith will be inspired as you watch crippled Carey Reams throw his crutches away.
  • You will weep with George Orr as you read about the restoration of his sight.
  • Your heart will be touched as you see Elizabeth Gethin’s heart condition healed by the power of God.

Her legacy touches us still.
Through these incredible testimonies, Kathryn Kuhlman continues to demonstrate God’s compassion and awesome power, as she did throughout her life. Discover for yourself the keys to New Life and Victory through the miracle-working ministry of one of God’s great servants.