Discovering God In Chinese Characters (DVD)

Leadership Training. Includes a bilingual facilitator’s guide & a Discovering God In Chinese Characters tract

Price: S$16.05

Help people introduce others to Jesus using the message found in Chinese characters. Using this 40 minute DVD to facilitate training, you can help people to engage in a faith adventure where they:
• experience the power of the Spirit
• understand the message of the gospel in 10 Chinese characters (You can show this as a purely evangelistic exercise to non-Christians)
• learn to have spiritual conversations that lead people to Christ

Audio track in Cantonese and Mandarin; subtitled in English, simplified and traditional Chinese in order to equip a great number of messengers of the Gospel!

Easy-to-use facilitator’s guide in simplified Chinese and English. Use it in small group settings and challenge each person to go out and have a faith adventure by sharing the booklet with one other person after the DVD training is over.