Apocalypse (DVD Collection)

Apocalypse. Revelation. Tribulation. Judgment.

Price: S$58.85

A collection of 4 DVDs that portrays the progression of the Apocalypse in an interesting and engaging drama.

A war in the Valley of Armageddon leads to a global confrontation. A nuclear holocaust looms and millions of people vanish. Chaos reigns as two try to discover what happened.
Running time: 94min

Picking up three months after the war, a desperate government agent searches for his family but instead uncovers a terrifying global conspiracy.
Running time: 100min

A detective wakes up from a coma and finds himself in the middle of the prophesied tribulation period and a raging battle for the souls of all mankind.
Running time: 95min

The Antichrist puts one of God’s most faithful champions – and ultimately God Himself – on trial in front of the entire world.
Running time: 105min