Fathers (DVD)

Four men. Two families. One story.

Price: S$19.80

Fathers is a touching look into the spiritual journey of four men searching for their place in the world.

Two single fathers and their teenage sons take very different paths to cope with loss in this powerful family drama from award-winning director Chip Rossetti. Ever since a tragic accident took his wife’s life, Rick Tarrino has blamed God, hiding his pain by abusing alcohol and his son, Lucas. Meanwhile, Michael Campbell has turned to the church for support since his wife abandoned him and their son, Raymond, nearly three years ago.

Like his childhood friend Lucas, Raymond rejects his father’s choices and channels his anger into football instead of Christianity. However, it’s not until Lucas lands in one of the most dangerous situations of his life and Raymond finds himself fighting for his own survival that Rick’s contempt for God and Michael’s faith in Him are truly challenged.