Chinese Contemporary Bible (New Testament with Proverbs)

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This major translation of the Bible is for the Chinese, Putonghua(普通话) language, which is primarily used in China. An estimated 873,000,000 people speak this language as their mother tongue. The translation uses a contemporary language style and applies a meaning-based translation philosophy. It is translated from the original languages (Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek) and is designed for a general audience with a seventh grade education or above. It was completed in October 2010. A Gospel presentation for pre-believers is included at the end of the Bible text.

此版《圣经》以在中国广泛使用的中文普通话进行翻译。据估算,全世界有八亿七千 三百万人口使用这种语言作为母语。该译本针对接受过七年级(及以上)教育的读者,以原文(希伯来文、阿拉米语、希腊语)《圣经》为母本,使用当代语言风格,按 照语意进行翻译。此项翻译工作于2010年10月完 成。本书最后随书附录有向非信 徒传福音使用的讲章。