The Good God

Rediscovering The Gospel

John Koe

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“Go back and find out what happened at the Cross,” said God.
That’s exactly what he did. After years as a Christian and a preacher of the Word, Pastor and Bible teacher John Koe was transformed when he gained a fresh, God-given understanding of the finished work of Jesus on the Cross.

Could it be possible that all meaning in life is about enjoying Christ and allowing Him to live through us?

For more than a decade, John has preached this simple yet profound message in nations across the globe. Through his ministry, God has saved, healed, delivered and restored many; Pastors and church leaders with hearts rekindled have started numerous churches and Bible schools centred on this same message.

In The Good God, John expounds in plain language this truth of God’s infinite goodness expressed through the Person and redemptive work of Christ, and how we can enjoy an exhilarating and intimate relationship with Him because of what Jesus did. Grab your copy and discover the richness of this truth, and drink deeply of what God has provided, for a blessed and victorious life.

About John Koe
John Koe is the senior pastor of Petra Church in Singapore and the founder of FrontierWorks, a multi-faceted mission, teaching and discipleship training ministry. Together with his fellow comrades, John seeks to empower believers in the Lord Jesus Christ with the life-changing message of the Gospel, bringing them to frontiers of God’s work in their lives.

It is the desire of the team at FrontierWorks to see nations fall in love with God, as they discover a life of freedom and sufficiency in Christ!