Purpose of Passion, The

Dante’s Epic Vision of Romantic Love

Kurt Bruner and Jim Ware

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Whether single or married, you ache for a deep, satisfying, intimate connection. And for good reason. God hardwires you for relationship with the opposite sex as a foretaste of the “happily ever after” for which you were made.

Discover what one of the world’s greatest love stories says about the meaning of romance. In The Purpose of Passion, best-selling authors Kurt Bruner and Jim Ware journey through The Divine Comedy to discover what Dante, one of the most influential Christian writers of all time, reveals about love in his literary masterpiece. Discover the secrets it contains about passion, romance, and spirituality-and how they are all connected.

No matter where you find yourself on love’s journey, The Purpose of Passion will lead you on an adventure to discover God’s ultimate desire for your heart.