Root Of The Righteous, The

A.W. Tozer

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Christians, writes A.W. Tozer in the opening chapter of The Root of the Righteous, should be both as a tree well rooted and as a temple to rise on solid foundation. Without a sound root, there is no lasting life, he explains as he challenges the reader to focus not on the fruit, but on the deep roots from which the fruit comes. In this thought-provoking classic, Tozer examines how we can make sure we are among the righteous, rooted and built up in Christ.

– Spending time with God
– Understanding God’s love
– Selecting wise counselors
– Preparing ourselves to hear the word of God
– Accepting criticism
– Fear of God
– Danger of contentment
– Examining our motives
– Keeping Christ at the center of worship
– Spiritual discernment
– Voluntary suffering
– And much more!