Knowing Christ

Alister McGrath

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Alister McGrath is a widely acknowledged master of contemporary spirituality, and in KNOWING CHRIST he has written a profound mediation on one of the most deceptively simple-sounding tenets of the Christian faith, tge centrality of Christ in the life of his followers.

Written in an accessible style that will appeal to Christians of all denominations, KNOWING CHRIST aims to stimulate a more direct and intimate relationship between Christ and the reader by engaging not just the intellect but, more important, the heart and imagination. It is a work of spirituality saturated with biblical texts and themes, but it also draws on the rich tradition in art and literature of Christian reflection on the centrality of Christ throughout the ages. The result is a lively, engaging, and always inspiring book of twenty-first-century spirituality from one of the world’s most popular and respected Christian writers, a book that will strengthen the faith of all who read it.