10-Minute Time Outs For Moms

Grace Fox

Price: S$22.47

Do you ever worry about your kids? Are you sometimes exhausted long before the day is done? Have you wondered if you’re up to the task of being a mom? You’re not alone. Moms everywhere feel just the same way. And God not only understands but also wants to give you everything you need to be the mom He’s designed you to be.

In just a few minutes each day, you can refresh your spirit, renew your outlook, and revitalize your relationship with God. Each of these short meditations gives you a Scripture-based prayer of praise, a homespun story and application for your life, a couple of thought-provoking questions, and a prayer that you can pray for your children.

Begin to treat yourself to a 10-minute time-out. Fill each day with the confidence and joy that come from time spent with God. As you do, you will experience a life-changing connection with Him.