Overcoming Overeating

It’s Not What You Eat, It’s What’s Eating You!

Lisa Morrone, PT

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What is it about me and food? Millions of readers, disgusted with diets and dieting, agonize over this question. Moreover, they re disgusted with themselves frustrated, guilty, even despairing over repeated failures.

Successful health author Lisa Morrone bypasses diet plans and zeros in on heart plans because food isn t the real problem. She gives readers tools to assess themselves, not just their food intake, then presents well-tested methods for breaking the cycle of food addiction from the inside out. Openly sharing her own emotional struggles and the candid stories of other women, she shows readers how to

– address the true underlying causes of overeating
– avoid using food as a time-filler, mood elevator, or painkiller
– find freedom to achieve steady, lasting results from any reputable weight-loss method
– deal appropriately with inevitable setbacks
– make long-term changes to improve their overall health

A resource filled with hope and the promise of a healthy, joy-filled, productive life!