Raising Great Kids On Your Own

A Guide And Companion For Every Single Parent

David Frisbie and Lisa Frisbie

Price: S$20.90

Raising kids on your own is hard work. Deep down, you may be unsure whether you have what it takes, and whether you’re making the best choices to help your kids’ future. In two decades as family counselors, David and Lisa Frisbie have talked to hundreds of single moms and dads. They know what you’re going through, and they provide practical and proactive ideas you can use to…

– GUIDE YOU KIDS through the hurt and pain that follow divorce
– TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF so you can take care of your children
– BUILD STRONG CONNECTIONS with family and friends and find support through them
– MANAGE YOUR HOUSEHOLD confidently as you take on new roles and tasks
– MAKE GOOD DECISIONS about work, education, and relationships

In Raising Great Kids On Your Own, effective strategies come to life through the Frisbies’ candid conversations with moms and dads who parent alone. Their stories – true stories of the good and the bad, of hope and encouragement – will help you raise your kids with optimism and confidence