When He Leaves

Help And Hope For Hurting Wives

Kari West and Noelle Quinn

Price: S$23.54

You Never, Ever Wanted It To Turn Out This Way

But now he’s gone. And you’re left to piece together the fragments of a shattered life. How can you cope and survive—even thrive again—after divorce?

There are no easy answers. But beginning with the affirmation “You are not alone,” Kari and Noelle offer the insights they’ve gained on the path they also never wanted to travel. Urging you to “hang on!” they walk alongside, helping you step-by-step to…

  • admit to the overwhelming pain
  • feel the grief, deal with the memories, support your children
  • look to the future and forgive so you can let go of the past
  • start to grasp God’s love and acceptance in a new way
  • rebuild life…and learn to laugh and love again