10 Things You Aren’t Telling Him

How to Help The Man In Your Life Love You Better

Julie Clinton

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A woman longs to be loved. So when there is a lack of connection with her husband, the hurt can run deep. With encouraging examples from her marriage and those of women surveyed, author and speaker Julie Clinton models how readers can start important conversations with their husbands and express their deepest thoughts about topics of faith, life and love, including:

– Hurts: How he distances her emotionally or physically
– Sex: What she likes, dislikes, and desires for sexual and nonsexual touch
– The Past: Secrets, prior sexual relationships, abortion, abuse, shame
– God: Her needs for spiritual leadership, prayer, and spiritual intimacy
– Dreams: Her hopes and her desire for mutual goals

These intimacy solutions will spark reconnection in a marriage and will remind couples of their deep affection for one another and the strength and beauty of a relationship that is based on truth, acceptance, and forgiveness.