Ready To Win Over Worry And Anxiety

Thelma Wells

Price: S$19.20

Are you Anxious? Feeling Concerned about your family, your joy, your health, your finances? It’s only natural right? Dynamic author and speaker Thelma Wells says, “No!” When she discovered how to defeat worry and anxiety, she found a life of confident, joyful living. And she wants to help your experience more happiness too.

Offering hope and compassion, she invites you on an interactive journey that includes questions to help you assess your worries, biblical wisdom to give you strength, and doable steps to kick anxiety out of your life. Together you will…

– remove worry’s mask of normalcy
– evaluate the impact of big and little worries in your life
– explore how faith in Christ will help you conquer anxiety
– discover how to stop anxiety as soon as it appears
– find ways to add upbeat, life-building thoughts to every day

READY TO WIN OVER WORRY AND ANXIETY reveals how you can eliminate worry and anxiety and choose freedom and peace in Christ.