Finding God When Life’s Not Fair

Surviving Soul-Shakers And Aftershocks

Lee Ezell

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Lee Ezell always considered herself a lighthearted person. Her philosophy when the tough stuff of life hit? “Get over it; get on with it.” Yet when two back-to-back tragedies crashed upon her – the death of her husband to cancer and, ten weeks later, her own diagnosis of cancer – Lee was shaken to the core.

Like Lee, we all experience times of pain and loss. Whether the source is debilitating illness, divorce, financial hardship, emotional upheaval, or a loved one’s death, life’s injustice impacts everyone. And when it does, we often wonder: How can God allow me to hurt so much? How can I trust him when I feel so abandoned by Him?

FINDING GOD WHEN LIFE’S NOT FAIR chronicles Lee’s journey of hope and courage as she struggled with faith during her darkest days. Offering no easy answers but plenty of hard-won wisdom, Lee writes honestly about how deep pain can run and offers a compelling argument that God’s love runs deeper still. Whatever your circumstances, you will find your faith bolstered as Lee reminds you that the Lord’s grace awaits in your toughest times.