Guys Like Girls Named Jennie

Kerri Pomarolli

Price: S$21.94

If you doubt that God has a sense of humor, you haven’t read about Kerri’s love life yet!

Discouraged with dating books written by authors who married just after puberty and then tried to give relationship advice – “I didn’t meet my husband until I was seventeen, and I’m so glad I waited” – stand-up comedian Kerri Pomarolli decided to write her book as a single woman in the trenches trying to meet Mr. Right.

In this tell-it-how-it-is book, Kerri offers a glimpse into the mind and heart of a single woman as she shares her personal stories of joy, frustration, pain and late-night snacks. Guys Like Girls Named Jennie is the humorous and moving story of one woman’s search for real faith and true love.