Real Deal On Overcoming Heartache, The

Learning To Live And Love Again

Michelle McKinney Hammond

Price: S$17.70

Despite being wounded and hurt before, you can still find happiness. With understanding and compassion, Michelle McKinney Hammond takes you step-by-steo through the healing process. Drawing on her own experiences and wisdom from Scripture, Michelle shows you what to do next to get your bearings, adjust to the changes, and get your life back on track. In short chapters, she…

– points the way to dealing with your emotions in healthy ways
– shows how you can use your pain to your advantage
– shares insights to help you move to the next step
– provides questions to identify where you are and where you want to go
– reveals what to do to fully recover and embrace life

Encouraging, insightful, and honest, THE REAL DEAL ON OVERCOMING HEARTACHE offers a proven, successful plan to take you from heartache to wholeness. Today is a new day, and joy is on your horizon.