Baby Changes Everything

Embracing And Preparing For Motherhood After 35

Beth K. Vogt

Price: S$24.40

More mothers of preschoolers are in their mid-thirties and forties than in previous decades. If you’re a late-in-life mom, you may no feel old, but you know the medical community’s label for a pregnant woman who is over 35: “Advance Maternal Age.” You also know you have unique needs and concerns – medical, emotional, and practical.

Beth K. Vogt understands – she became a mom again at age forty-one. Now she encourages you to embrace your status as a “mommy-com-lately”. Whether you’re planning, pregnant, or adopting, you’ll find expert advice on,

– understanding medical concerns
– keeping yourself healthy before and during pregnancy
– adjusting to changes in your relationships
– parenting your “caboose baby”
– and much more