Breaking Through Depression

A Biblical And Medical Approach To Emotional Wholeness

Donald P. Hall, MD.

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Depression affects a person mentally, spiritually, and physically, greatly impacting their lives and the people they love. With empathy and clear language, psychiatrist Donald Hall explains recent scientific discoveries about the role of chemicals in the brain, and how depression, like other illnesses, has symptoms and cures.

Hall integrates spiritual, medical, and psychological principles in his SMART model that leads those suffering from depression to the hope of recovery and healing.

– Stop Addiction: Don’t make depression worse by substance abuse
– Medicate Chemical Imbalances: Have wise counsel for antidepressant management
– Adjust Expectations of Yourself: Release burdens and evaluate self-image distortions
– Revise Your Relationships with Others: Set boundaries, talk, practice forgiveness
– Track with the Holy Spirit: See your brokenness and lean on prayer and fellowship

For readers who are suffering from or living with someone dealing with depression, Hall shares fresh scientific discoveries while standing firmly on the good news of God’s hope.