Look What God Is Doing!

True Stories Of People Around The World Changed By The Gospel

Dick Eastman

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Often we know what God is doing around us. News of believers in Asia or Africa or Europe often comes sporadically and in small doses. Yet one ministry has been on the forefront of building God’s Kingdom around the world for 63 years. Filled with passionate focus, Every Home for Christ has planted 2.8 billion Gospel messages home by home in more than 205 countries. Now its president, Dick Eastman, shares powerful and moving testimonies resulting from that work. These true stories – from the jungles of Brazil to the foothills of the Himalayas – will inspire you to press in to God, gain His compassion for those who don’t know Him yet and long to become involved with gathering in history’s greatest harvest. Fulfilling Christs’ Great Commission can happen – and truly is happening – before our eyes.