Outsider Interviews, The

A New Generation Speaks Out On Christianity

Jim Henderson, Todd Hunter, and Craig Spinks

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According to statistics, young adults are more disenchanted with the church than ever.

Beyond the statistics are the stories – real people with real opinions and real experiences. These people are more than just numbers. They are your son or daughter, the barista at your favorite cafe, a young coworker, the college student you sit next to at church.

What if we took the time to listen to the voices behind these statistics? What if we sat down and talked face to face with some of these people and really heard what they had to say?

That is exactly what Jim Henderson, Todd Hunter, and Craig Spinks do in The Outsider Interviews. Journey with them as they travel the country interviewing young adults, listening to their candid stories and probing questions about Christianity. Come along. Meet these amazing young people. See the hearts behind the charts…and start some conversations of your own.