How Kingdom Action Can Change The World

C. Peter Wagner

Price: S$25.25

As noted spiritual warfare and church growth authority Dr. C. Peter Wagner explains, the Holy Spirit is calling for a paradigm shift in the Church’s approach to salvation and societal change. While examining the growing momentum of today’s Second Apostolic Age, Dr. Wagner answers questions about the powerful strategies being revealed, including:

– How is dominion theology operating in the world?
– Does God really allow us to make some decisions about the future?
– Is wealth ever a legitimate tool of the Church?
– How do today’s “workplace apostles” lead in spiritual battle?

This ground breaking study lays a biblical, theological and inspirational foundation for the mandate God is giving His people. You can be part of this astonishing modern-day work of the Spirit. As you learn to move in authority – to take dominion – you will see with new eyes what it really means to “make disciples of all nations.”