Woman’s Guide To Hormone Health, A

The Creator’s Way For Managing Menopause

J. Ron Eaker, MD

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Confused by the wide array of treatment options for menopause? By conflicting studies on hormone replacement and side effects? By alternative therapies that seem un-Christian?

In A Woman’s Guide To Hormone Health, Dr. Ron Eaker examines the various treatments, including herbs, complementary medicine, prayer, diet, and exercise, as well as the conventional medications.

– The truth about hormones
– Natural hot flash remedies
– Exercise – God’s foundation of youth
– Healthy foods and healing herbs
– Effective osteoporosis prevention
– The healing power of prayer

You’ll learn about your options an how to make choices that work for you. Dr. Eaker addresses much more than hot flashes and osteoporosis. Discover how to get your mind, body, and spirit in balance during God-ordained time of change.