Kitchen Table Counseling

A Practical and Biblical Guide for Women Helping Others

Muriel L. Cook & Shelly Cook Volkhardt

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Your mission field just might start at your kitchen table. Perhaps you’re a woman who wants to help others with their problems, but you’re not sure how to reach out or what to say.

Kitchen Table Counseling is the resource you’ve

– Address your own needs so you can effectively help others
– Take people to Jesus without taking on responsibility for their burdens
– Discern whether others really want to change and grow, or just complain
– Balance a counseling ministry with your other life priorities
– Offer true biblical hope to others in the face of inexplicable heartache

Join authors Muriel Cook and Shelly Cook Volkhardt as they share the valuable lessons Muriel has learned throughout her life as a lay counselor addressing the needs of hurting women from a spiritual perspective. Kitchen Table Counseling will prepare you for the fulfilling, vital ministry of encouraging other women to know Christ and trust Him through the difficult experiences of their lives.