What Happens When I Die?

True Stories Of The Afterlife And What They Tell Us About Eternity

Bill Wiese

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Is there life after death? 
Do heaven and hell really exist? 
What happens to me when I die?
Will I see my loved ones?

New York Times best-selling author Bill Wiese answers these all-important questions and explains some of the fascinating stories that people have shared with him as he has traveled to speak about his own supernatural experience. You will be surprised, and maybe even shocked, as you read about:

·          Near-death experiences
·          Deathbed visions
·          People’s last words
·          Visits to heaven and hell

Each encounter, visit, and visitation is then held up against Scripture, demonstrating how they line up with the Word of God. In a moment our lives will be over. We are all only a heartbeat away from eternity, and there are no second chances. What will you decide?