Unveiling The Mystery (Mandarin, Cantonese & Hokkien, DVD)

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Through the ages, the Chinese language has, in the context of its historical and cultural heritage, remained true to its original form and intended meaning. Inscriptions on oracle bones reveal revered Chinese values and beliefs and their link to Biblical truths – redemptive analogies hidden in the Chinese language, and how it all leads us to the one true God.

Of God, the Chinese worshipped. Of men, they esteemed righteousness. Of themselves, they demanded piety. What do the characters for worship, righteousness and filial have to say about the sacrifice of Jesus Christ, the shedding of His blood and eternity? Unveiling the Mystery reveals the ingenuity of God’s wisdom – His richest blessings for the Chinese!

The Unveiling the Mystery DVD (36 mins.) contains Mandarin, Cantonese and Hokkien with subtitles in English, Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese.