Reel Love, The (Mandarin, DVD)

It’s Never Too Late To Change Direction

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Starting Over – Kelvin Soh
Addicted to drugs since 11 years old, Kelvin had been in and out of prison over 24 years. 7 months was the longest duration he remained outside of the prison wall during that time. Today, he is a celebrated singer and song-writer. This is his story of transformation.

True Prosperity – Olivia Tay
Having to both witness and suffer family violence and abuse formed Olivia’s growing up days. She then became a compulsive gambler and smoker, causing her marriage to be on the rocks. Get into her life story of walking out of the haunting entrapment of her past into a new life.

Never Too Late – Neville Tan
Neville lived a lawless life, filled with gang fights, armed robberies, smuggling of fire-arms, and being on the run from the authorities. He spent his youth mostly behind bars.
How did he become a changed man? This is his story.