Cross Roads (DVD)


It’s Never Too Late To Change Direction

Price: S$16.05

Movie Synopsis:
Chen Dong joined the Paramount gang in search of money and power. Yet as he descend further into the criminal underworld, his dream grows ever more elusive. With mounting gambling debts, he’s driven to take a drastic step that will change his life forever.
Faced with the biggest decision of his life, Chen Dong must choose to continue down the self-destructive path he’s on or change direction and untangle himself from the gang’s dangerous web of deceit and violence.

Starring: Chun Yu Shan Shan (淳于珊珊), Ruan Jin Tian(阮经天), Steve Yao(叶良财) and Chen Tian Wen (陈天文)

With Special appearance by: Billy Graham directed by Canter Chia
Produced by Billy Graham Evangelistic Association

Languages: Mandarin, Hokkien, Cantonese
Subtitles: Simplified & Traditional Chinese, Arabic and English