Christ Plays In Ten Thousand Places

A Conversation In Spiritual Theology

Eugene H. Peterson

Price: S$21.30

Eugene Peterson’s Spiritual Theology series provides a completely fresh evaluation of Christian Spirituality, past, present and future.

The best-selling author of The Message draws on the very latest scholarship and understanding of biblical revelation, and will represent the most thorough and significant work on contemporary Christian Spirituality by an evangelical author.

Most writings in the field of spiritual theology represent mere dabblings. The more significant endeavours are impenetrably academic. Peterson’s masterwork, which has been years in the making, is designed for those who are comfortable with being stretched, as well as pastors, academics and lay leaders.

Christ Plays in Ten Thousand Places is Book One in a five-part series, and concentrates on ‘clearing the playing field’, evaluating Spirituality as it is understood today
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