Father Glorified, The

True Stories Of God’s Power Through Ordinary People

Patrick Robertson, David Watson with Gregory C. Benoit

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Learn the best methods for winning people to Christ with the help of CityTeam Ministries. In a follow up to their book Miraculous Movements, the missionaries of CityTeam share more insights into how best to share God’s love around the world. The authors take you beyond their work in Africa to California to show how the biblical principles used by the early church in the Book of Acts can work for us today.

This book highlights the key scriptural principles that help Christians use faith-based discipleship to reach out in love in their own communities. The authors outline the principle of service to others that open doors of opportunity to the work of the gospel.

Features include:
•Biblical principles for reaching new people for Christ
•Ways to lead people to Christ by leading them through the story of the Bible
•Stories of Gods work around the world