Becoming A Brave New Woman

Step into God’s Adventure for You

Pam Farrel

Price: S$20.90

Popular speaker and relationship specialist Pam Farrel helps women discover how to develop the courage they need to walk into their hopes and dreams. With plenty of biblical examples and practical insights, Pam reveals that nothing is more vital to becoming a brave new woman than knowing God intimately and looking at life from His point of view.
Each chapter contains:

  • Winning Words–Scripture to help women feel empowered and overcome their fears
  • Winning Wisdom–Tools brave women use to achieve their dreams
  • Winner’s Circle–Inspirational nuggets for encouragement and motivation
  • Winning Ways–Accountability-partner exercises and questions perfect for prayer partners or small groups

Great for women’s groups or for individual encouragement, Becoming a Brave New Woman helps readers understand that mustering up enough self-confidence is not the answer. A woman’s ability to move through life with courage and boldness rests instead on the character, power, and strength of her God.