Best Life Ain’t Easy, But It’s Worth It

Virelle Kidder

Price: S$23.54

There are books that make you laugh. There are books that make you cry. There are books that teach you how to live day by day in a fallen world. The Best Life Ain’t Easy is all of them! This is what Virelle has to say:”This is the story of my life before [and after] Christ, growing up in the average American dysfunctional family. My father, whom I loved dearly, suffered from an untreated mental illness and alcoholism, eventually leaving my mother, brother, and me when I was seven. He died when I was twelve. My mother sought normalcy; I sought the brass ring.Almost instantly at age 25, I met Christ, and He spoiled everything.”

Life is better caught than taught. As a woman of any age, you will identify with life, in some manner, as Virelle knew it. And by the end of the story, you will hopefully identify with Jesus!