The Complete Graphic Novel


Price: S$19.05

DUST: The Complete Graphic Novel is the compilation of the first four comic books from DUST PRESS showcasing four well-known Bible stories in an all-new light. FIRE FROM HEAVEN pits the masked priests of Baal against the prophet Elijah in a battle that is uncategorically decided by something not of this world. THE BLESSED CURSE: The King of Moab seeks the dark skills of Balaam, in order to curse the Jews and stop their progress. How do God’s people battle a foe they cannot see? SEVEN SONS: Based on Acts 19, the name of Jesus was being used, and sometimes abused. Men were casting out demons in Jesus’ name…but is faith just a formula? What will happen when the worlds of Spirit and Man collide? THE GLORY DEPARTED: Jeremiah was just a teen when he was called by God to be a prophet. Would genuine faith return to Jerusalem, or would Jeremiah witness it’s destruction? DUST is about entertainment that inspires. DUST is about stories that are so relevant they have spoken to thoughtful people for thousands of years. Scripture is filled with the stories of mankind, and about God’s quest for relationship and community with His creation. Breathing new life into the text of the Bible, DUST makes these stories come alive.