Graphic Novel – David

The Shepherd’s Song, Vol. 1


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From the accounts of the first book of Samuel, David: The Shepherd’s Song begins the retelling of the most powerful General of Israel.

Anointed as a young boy and mocked by his brothers and family, young David is even hunted by the king himself. While hiding in a wilderness cave, David looks back on the fateful day he was anointed by a prophet, realizing that he’s been fighting a battle even from his youth in his father’s sheepfold.


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I read a lot of graphic novels. This retelling of David’s story was exceptional. The art is simple but conveys great emotion. The story has been retold many times over but I’ve ever seen someone tell the story so well.
I look forward to reading this with my son as he loves bible stories and this one is about the bravery and bullying the boy of David must have lived through in being a shepherd facing a lion and being the youngest boyish the family anointed king. Especially when his older brothers were soldiers in the army.
There is a good visualization of Saul’s demise and the author treats scripture well. He doesn’t beat you in the head with it and doesn’t ignore it. So well done. Hope he finishes the series.

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This comic was well-paced, beautifully drawn, and even made you think a little bit. The art made me think of Disney’s Tarzan and was very appropriate as they had similar action scenes.
Lepp may take a few liberties as David fights the lion to protect the lamb to make the story more dramatic and to create a parallel, but that does not detract in any way from the Biblical accuracy of the comic. It only serves to enhance the story.
Overall, it was a very poignant story that gets at what made David’s heart so good in God’s eyes and what makes his fall later on even more tragic.