Growing Together As A Couple

Brian Brodersen

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In their 30 years of shared ministry and marriage, Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa pastor Brian Brodersen and his wife, speaker and author Cheryl Brodersen, watched many couples struggle to build a lasting, fulfilling relationship. With the desire to understand God’s path for their union, the Brodersens’ turned to the Bible and learned how to view and experience marriage as an incredible gift from God. Now they share the ten essential “E” principles they discovered, showing readers how to:

  • Entrust the relationship to God
  • Eliminate unhealthy expectations
  • Encourage one another
  • Enlighten with spiritual truth
  • Energize the relationship
  • Endure by standing together in faith

In this biblical and practical resource, newlyweds and longtime married couples will embrace the wholeness of God’s plan for them to have the very best human love experience possible.