Let’s Talk!

Good Stuff for Girlfriends About God, Guys, and Growing Up

Danae Dobson

Price: S$15.52

Forty-one devotions for girls ages 11-15 about spiritual and relational issues teens face, including dating, body image, how to survive your parents and siblings, and how to grow in your faith. Includes personal stories, Scriptures, and reflective questions…….

Do you ever just want someone to talk to? Someone who’s been there and knows what you’re going through; someone who can answer your questions and help you avoid the land mines that lie in your path?

My name is Danae Dobson and I remember what it’s like to be a teenager and how hard it can be to make sense of the stuff you face in your life. I also know how tough it sometimes is to stay true to your Christian commitment and still feel like you fit in. But I’m here to tell you: It is possible to be a Christian and still be cool!

In Let’s Talk!, we’ll tackle many of the issues you deal with every day. I’ll share ideas for getting through these challenging years when the world seems upside down. Whether you’re struggling with peer pressure or conflict with your parents, you’ll find answers here. I’ll offer suggestions about guys, maintaining a healthy weight, and deepening your relationship with God. Each chapter includes:

– Personal stories from my own life and people I’ve known
– Scripture passages that are relevant to your circumstances
– Discussions to help you understand how your life first into God’s plan

If you’re looking for some friendly conversation and big-sister advice, Let’s Talk!