Live Life Big Or Stay In Bed

Heather Puffett, Hazel Pattison

Price: S$21.08

Two women share how they overcame feelings of spiritual inadequacy
Both Heather and Hazel are married to high-achieving Christian leaders, with agendas to change the world. When they first met they recognized in each other the same symptoms: a need to don masks of coping and efficiency to hide their feelings of inadequacy and fear.
From their first meeting, they quickly developed a friendship that allowed each to recover the self that God had intended. This book chronicles their journey. Written in a conversational style, each author reveals her feelings and thoughts regarding the change both were experiencing. Realizing that the situation they faced was a daily reality for millions of Christian women, and that it is much easier to spot potential in another than in one’s self, they felt called to found a training and mentoring program for women.

Now in its sixth year, this program helps women to discover and develop their own potential, and also helps them with time management, creativity, consistency of character, accountability, and the skills for lifelong discipleship.