Stand: Diving into God’s Words

A Discovery of Psalm 119

Alex McFarland

Price: S$16.05


The goal of this devotional series is to inspire teens to know God deeper and experience his heart of love through Scripture. The three books deal with God’s word, God’s wisdom, and God’s way. The theme—individually and collectively—is to challenge each teen to give their whole life to His whole plan. This devotional on Psalm 119 is specifically designed to help teens fall in love with Scripture.

Quick bites:
This personal devotional series is an accessible, in-depth Bible study for teens. Though written by a seminary president, the big ideas are presented in a teen-friendly, transformational format centered on knowing who God is and how to relate to Him.
Emphasizes personal application and the challenge to be intentional about reaching spiritual maturity.
Fun facts about Bible history and culture.
Based on the power of story—devotional teaching that’s more like Jesus, rather than a textbook.
Contains fun things like “Top 10” lists and other sidebar extras.
Apologetics emphasis builds on the truths in Stand and Stand Strong in College.