Not As Bad As The Truth (Biography)

Memoirs of an Unorthodox Evangelical

David Pawson

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David Pawson is one of the most fascinating characters and sharpest thinkers in the evangelical church. Not As Bad As The Truth is Pawson’s written legacy to the Church.

It will summarise the essence of his “unorthodox evangelical” theology, including his beliefs on baptism, Israel, salvation, the End Times, male leadership, and divorce and remarriage.

It will also discuss with honesty and insight the most significant events of his personal life, childhood and formative years, his failing health, and the blessings and challenges of family life.

Reviews ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥:

Reading David Pawson’s “Not as Bad as the Truth” is like taking a modern “Pilgrim’s Progress” journey with the well known evangelical pastor and teacher. Understanding Mr. Pawson’s spiritual experiences helps to explain the authenticity and integrity of his many Bible teaching books.

A list of well known “names dropped” –people like Billy Graham and Joni Erickson Tada–is not bragging on Pawson’s part. It simply helps the reader to understand how broad the author’s spiritual interests and acquaintances have been.

I liked that the book did not put Pawson on a pedestal. He says that he does have some feelings of regret about his life, and does “suffer inwardly from a lack of self-esteem.” Like the rest of us, he admits to “a constant need of reassurance.”

In short, this is a very human document, with constant reminders of how God can take one person’s life and use it amazingly.