Obsessive Compulsive Trap, The

Real Help for a Real Struggle

Mark E Crawford

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Where the Questions Stop and the Answers Begin

Fourteen-year-old Tammy was so concerned about germs that she was unable to use any restroom outside of her home. Mandy’s compulsive behaviours impelled her to open and close her school locker 44 times, causing her to be late for class.

In the world today, more than 120 million people fight a battle with obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD). The affliction is pervasive yet largely misunderstood.

Dr. Mark Crawford has written this hope-filled guide for those with OCD and those who wish to help them. This is solid clinical reading with a Christian foundation and straightforward style that will answer such questions as

  • How do I know if I, or someone I love, has OCD?
  • What are the causes?
  • How is OCD treated?

Dr. Crawford’s message will comfort all readers when they learn that anyone, no matter their age and no matter how long they have suffered, can fight and win the battle against obsessive-compulsive disorder.